Novo Gas Station Branding

We're very proud to present Novo, the gas station branding we've created in partnership with Loop design. Novo is a sub-brand of Unicom Holding, one of the medium oil companies in Romania, and was created as an entirely new, local brand that could compete in the cut-throat Southern European market of gasoline distribution. Taking inspiration from a simple gasoline pump for its visual identity, and with a focus on creating an efficient customer experience, the Novo gas station is a unique concept that aims to inspire and set new standards - nationally and internationally. The brand has now been integrated into the core offer of Unicom Holding gas stations.

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The client has developed a new brand for a franchise chain but with national coverage. Our input has been from development visual identity to simulation fuel station architecture. Branded stations inherit the good will of the brand, without incurring the expense. Branded fuel has the reputation of being reliable and of higher quality due to fuel additives. It creates for the consumer the sense of familiarity and comfort, thereby increasing the likelihood that a consumer will visit your location as compared to an unbranded site. A new brand, refreshed image or upgrade of your location shows the consumer the pride you take in your business and your desire to improve the experience of your consumers.

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